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/dev/shm support

I'm experimenting with a diy app with the goal of deploying a django application with gunicorn, supervisor and celery support. When running celeryd on openshift, the following error "[Errno 38] Function not implemented - multiprocessing " is thrown. Upon investigation i found an issue related to the lack of OS shm support: . Would it be something that could be added to the openshift architecture?

I get the same error when trying to create a multiprocessing.Pool(). Would really appreciate a fix to this issue, thanks.


The issue is being tracked here:

Thank you for your feedback.


Just wanted to provide a quick update. Bug 814991 has been resolved. This means /dev/shm support (capped at 5MB) is available in the latest development version of OpenShift, and the feature should make its way to production with the next release in mid-November.