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Dislcaimer while creating DIY cartrige

Hi Guys, I get below disclaimer after creating DIY cartridge

RESULT: Application hoparide was created. Disclaimer: This is an experimental cartridge that provides a way to try unsupported languages, frameworks, and middleware on Openshift.

Does this mean DIY cartridge is not production ready and is just for experiment ?

Regards Jiten

DIY is a bare bones empty container, as a user you are responsible for the software you choose to install on it, writing up action hooks to start/stop/build etc... so a lot depends on the user to make it production ready. Red Hat assumes no responsibility in testing whether all softwares work in there or not.

Any particular reason you are looking to use DIY instead of the provided cartridges?

My application is a Play Framework . Its not a part of built cartridge list. Do you know if Play framework would become part openshift built cartridge ? Heroku and few other PAAS already offers this.

Help us prioritize the feature by casting your vote: We do have users who are running play with DIY and so far no issues. See quickstart:

HI Sannam, I already have my Play application running in free gear. We going to production soon and that's the reason i have asked this question. Currently I am evaluation PAAS platform for hosting my Restfull API built on play framework.

Can you give me some reference if there are any Play framework in openshift which are in production ? I have also have few question on openshift silver pricing model. But I would raise another ticket in this forum.

Thanks Jiten