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How to make Python front end

I have created a new application based on the Python gear.

No problems so far runing Python modules, uploading using git or using standard bash commands.

The thing I struggle to get is what files are displayed in the web frontend while I type the uri to my app.

I can see wsig/static/ displays static html and that wsgi/application obviously is displayed as a parsed python file whe I request the web root of the app. But how do I do if I want to show the python file

Can´t really wrap my head around what files are served and where I controll that.

I have previous experience in php and jsp and to me they seem a bit more straight forward as you can just call the name of the file you want to display.



What version of Python did you install?

Our Python 2.6 and 2.7 cartridges are wsgi-based:
You will want to define handlers for each. For example, the default application (repo/wsgi/application) handles /health and /env specifically and generically for everything else:

def application(environ, start_response):
    ctype = 'text/plain'
    if environ['PATH_INFO'] == '/health':
        response_body = "1"
    elif environ['PATH_INFO'] == '/env':
        response_body = ['%s: %s' % (key, value)
                    for key, value in sorted(environ.items())]
        response_body = '\n'.join(response_body)
        ctype = 'text/html'

You can override that with repo/ and use something like cherrypy if you wanted to (see as an example). Otherwise, it's hardcoded to serve repo/wsgi/application by default.