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Issue PHP Application with Imagick


I have written a small PHP app doing some image processing using the Imagick class.

I am planning to move the app to Openshift, but when it gives me an error:

Call to undefined method Imagick::exportImagePixels();

It looks like some methods are missing from the class, since i can call this without errors: $im = new Imagick(); $im->readImageBlob($image); $geo = $im->getImageGeometry();

but not this: $pixels = $im->exportImagePixels(0, 0, $sh, $sw, "RGB", Imagick::PIXEL_FLOAT);

I added the imagick class to the deplist.txt file in the root. Thanks for the help

The version installed on OpenShift right now is imagick module version 2.2.2 - you can check this yourself using phpinfo() function.

According to, the Imagick::exportImagePixels() method could not be available in this version, as it's available only in development version from SVN.

You might want to install this version yourself to get the desired functionality.