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JBoss AS7 management in OpenShift?

With JBoss AS7 the application server can be managed via a CLI that connects to port :9999 or via a webconsole (on :9990/console). Is this functionality available in JBoss running in OpenShift too?

The JBoss management console has been disabled on the JBoss cartridge embedded in OpenShift. Please let us know the use case via our "Vote on Features" list (e.g., add an Idea) and vote on it. We're very interested in feedback from the community.

Thank you for your feedback! ~Nam

I am in need of this capability (connection to JBoss mgmt port 9999) as well. I have an application that connects to the management port for purpose of issuing CLI commands for management tasks, but cannot deploy it to OpenShift.

The JBoss management console has been disabled? but my app management console is Available?

my war have same url

now i can't target my app url?

How to solve?

What has been the reason to disable the console? Is this still the case?

Hello. Any progress in this issue? I cant acces the admin console even when I see in the logs that jboss is listening there.

Thank you for the reminder to circle back to this thread. The management console is bound to an internal port (9990). To access the JBoss management console, you can use port forwarding:

> rhc port-forward jbosseap
Checking available ports ... done
Forwarding ports ...
To connect to a service running on OpenShift, use the Local address
Service Local               OpenShift
------- -------------- ---- ---------------
java  =>
java  =>
java  =>
java  =>
java  =>
java  =>
Press CTRL-C to terminate port forwarding

While that is running, use a local browser to hit:

For more details about port forwarding, please refer to:

Sweet! Admin console (9990) and CLI (9999) seem to work without problems! Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the confirmation. Glad it's working out for you.

But when I try to access the JBoss EAP admin console through port forwarding. It wanted me to create some users through I went to /opt/jboss-eap/bin directory and tried running the script. I was able to execute it and the script was not able to write to management-users.xml as well as application-users.xml as both of them are owned by root. is there any way I can access the admin console. Also I am not allowed to do a sudo as well.

Please suggest me a way to access the admin console. Thanks in advance