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Retrieve external webpage from Openshift war application?


I'm new to Openshift and trying to deploy a war-application on JBossAS that will periodically "scrape" some information from external webpages and save in database.

I'm doing, like:

 org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient();
 HttpMethod httpMethod = new GetMethod(url);

to access external URLs, and it works OK to access arbitrary URLs when I run it from my local Windows-machine.

But in Openshift, the call to


throws Permission denied

Does this mean it is forbidden to access external URLs from Openshift?

Or is there a solution for this?

Thanks, /RP

Here's a forum thread related to your issue that has some suggestions:

Please review it to see if it helps.

Thanks Nam, I got it working now.

Solution I chose was to upgrade from




This required rewriting the java-code, since these version are not compatible, but use quite different API/programming-model and different java-packages.

Nice! Thanks for the details to your solution! This is going on my blog.